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Lottery Horse


1993 - 2010

We will miss you.

Anyone who has researched or owns a Gypsy horse will know who The Lottery Horse is.

He was viewed by many, as one of the finest the breed has ever seen. The Lottery's Sire was a horse known in England as Sam, a son of Eddie Alcocks' Old Black Horse, who was a son of  The Coal Horse. His Dam was a mare named Matilda. She was also described as Joe Wiltshires' Red and White Mare.

The moment you see him, you know he's special, he takes your breath away. He is what this breed is all about.

He's had his name,"The Lottery Horse" for years and it was given to him by the Gypsy Breeders in England because having foals from him is like winning the lottery every year! He is famous for putting his stamp on foals,  consistently producing top quality Gypsy horses, such as "Nobby" and "Tonka"

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